What do you get if you mix hundreds of creative folk, a 3-floor studio, 2 kittens, 6 DJ’s and a tray of cupcakes? A sugar-fuelled kitten dance-off? Well yes, but you also get The Quarterly Issue 2 launch night. 

Despite the obvious chaos of inviting hundreds of creative folk to an event with free alcohol, photographer ANTON rolled up his sleeves, battled his way through the crowds, and in typically valiant fashion bust out his cherished analogue camera to capture the action at London’s BOX studio on Impossible Project instant film.

Anton Impossible 09

ANTON is a lover of analogue photography and contributed two articles to Issue 2 of The Quarterly. In his first article, entitled ANALOGUE TRIBES, ANTON explores the world of analogue photography and captures the perspective of other respected figures in the analogue world. For his second article, entitled FILM FANS, ANTON set up a pop-up studio at Lomography’s Soho store to celebrate it’s fourth birthday, shooting analogue fans and their cameras of choice.

It’s pretty cool. So cool in fact, you should probably drop everything you’re doing and pre-order a copy HERE.

Anton Impossible 02

Anton Impossible 10

Anton Impossible 08

Anton Impossible 07

Anton Impossible 06

Anton Impossible 05

Anton Impossible 04

Anton Impossible 03

Anton Impossible 01

Anton Impossible 00

Thanks to everyone that came. It was awesome meeting you all of you epic folk. More photos to follow soon…

ANTON is a photographer and filmmaker of ‘Analogue: Photography Tribes’ short films that explore the survival and revival of the analogue photography formats and the creative communities that support it. To join the tribe and for more info go to: http://www.analoguetribes.com

Instant film provided courtesy of the good folks at Impossible Project. For more information visit http://www.the-impossible-project.com