“Blossom” by photographer Aleksandra Kingo is the kind of shoot more people should be sharing in January with us. A shoot that’ll help chase away the January blues. We adore Aleksandra’s embracing of colour and the way she has managed to produce a stunningly beautifully minimalist shoot, filled is wonderfully complex layers of style and thought.

Aleksandra says: “Blossom” is a study on masculinity and man’s perception of himself. Man’s presence is opposite from a woman. For the project I photographed street-casted skinhead men dressed in fresh flowers. Apart from achieving a great contrast between the models and the styling, I turned them into an “object of gaze” challenging their masculinity and their idea about themselves.



A man’s presence is dependent upon the promise of power which he embodies. If the promise is large and credible his presence is striking. If it is small and incredible, he is found to have little presence. His presence can be fabricated, in the sense that he pretends to capable of what he is not” (John Berger, 1972).



Photography & styling by Aleksandra Kingo
Grooming by Neringa Sutkute
Models (street-casted) Marius, Denis & Roman.