February 10, 2014

Jet Lag Melancholia

Jet Lag melancholia is a series that explores the feeling of travelling alone. This was an impromptu shoot. My friend Emma and I were in our hotel room in New York and we were discussing the feelings you experience when traveling alone. There is always a moment when I really feel like I’m left alone in - Read More -

January 27, 2014


PropDep is a series which was first originally featured in the first issue of The Quarterly. Captured by our very own Photographer Extraordinaire slash Creative Director Roo Lewis. It was a shoot that really set the tone in terms of what we’ve been striving towards with The Quarterly as a project. Amazing photography, epic concepts and though provoking context.

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December 3, 2013

Jennie, (Lanzarote) 2011

We’re curious like a retarded cat on high off licking battery acid.. We get distracted by mundane and perverse. It hasn’t killed us yet and nor has it allowed us to reach any kind of conclusion of anything of worth at all. This is probably also one of the worst introductions to a blog post - Read More -

October 31, 2013

An analogue glimpse of The Quarterly Issue 2 Launch night

What do you get if you mix hundreds of creative folk, a 3-floor studio, 2 kittens, 6 DJ’s and a tray of cupcakes? A sugar-fuelled kitten dance-off? Well yes, but you also get The Quarterly Issue 2 launch night. 

Despite the obvious chaos of inviting hundreds of creative folk to an event with free alcohol, photographer ANTON rolled up his sleeves, battled his way through the crowds, and in typically valiant fashion bust out his cherished analogue camera to capture the action at London’s BOX studio on Impossible Project instant film.

Anton Impossible 09

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