We’re curious like a retarded cat on high off licking battery acid.. We get distracted by mundane and perverse. It hasn’t killed us yet and nor has it allowed us to reach any kind of conclusion of anything of worth at all. This is probably also one of the worst introductions to a blog post of a photographer’s work we’ve ever done as well.. but fuck it.. we’re used to winging it, gurning and looking moronic in the process and since we have not done this for while.. we thought there’s no better time to start it like the present! This post is about trying something new.. asking a photographer to share something about one of their images from their body of work.

Jade Danielle Smith is a photographer who likes to do shit candidly, shooting raw, naturally lit portraits on a 35mm, her words not ours as i’ve got no idea what it means. Jade is a photographer who wants to “Strip it all back and capture the truth, the raw… the natural” we asked jade to tell us more about one of our favourite images of hers from her portfolio:

‘Jennie, (Lanzarote) 2011.’ was shot on a simple Canon AE-1 program with a 28mm lens and Kodak Colour Plus I brought from Poundland. When I did shoot this I wasn’t looking at anything particular I just remembered once being told ‘to always consider different angles’ and that ‘a photograph is only as interesting as what you put in front of it’. So here I was looking towards the floor and noticed how interesting the colours were with her shorts and how the tennis racket seemed to perfectly match with her bracelets on her wrist, it was as if the entire frame was meant to be placed together and the photograph was the last missing jigsaw piece of the puzzle.


To see more of Jade’s work visit her website and stalk her on twitter.