Johannes Heuckeroth is a photographer based in Germany and caught our attention with his “Dreaming of Dubai”  series,  which made him a finalist at  SONY  world photography awards in 2013. We caught up with Johannes to find out a little bit more about what makes him tick and how he manages to capture such beautiful cityscapes.

Could you tell us a little bit about how you got started? I bought my first camera because I wanted to document things. I wanted to keep memories of things I and other people did. So in the first it was just a technical act. Years later I found a more emotional link to photography. I realized that a photo is not just a tool of documentation, it can be a tool to show other people your view, your perspective on the world. And thats amazing. The first “serious” pictures I took were photos of the landscape that surrounds me.

So why Architecture? what’s the appeal? Its combining two things: aesthetics and simplicity.

I love aesthetic things, especially buildings, and photography is a tool to make it even more aesthetic. And its simple, because you can just walk out, search for an interesting building and make a great photo. You don’t need people, no organisation, etc. Its just you, your camera and the building. And thats great.


A big part of the impression of my pictures is created through postprocessing.

The panoramas and cityscapes you capture are absolutely mesmerising, How do you go about capturing them the way you do? we’re guessing it’s not a simple case of point and shoot? On location it’s not really just more than point and shoot. Of course there are good and not so good light situations, and if its possible, I choose the better ones. Also you have to find the best place and perspective to shoot the building or the city you want to capture. A big part of the impression of my pictures is created through postprocessing.

Could you tell us a little bit about the process you go through to create your images, is there a lot of prep work and processing involved in the rather stunning work you produce? Preparation and post processing is even as essential as shooting the picture itself. You have to know as much as possible about a location before you go there. That helps to find the best way to capture the location. And also, as mentioned before, the postprocessing has a very big influence on my work. Its a long and detailed processed, that has to be recreated for each single image and its special requirements.

Of all the places you’ve caught on camera so far, what’s been your favourite so far? Definitely Dubai. I only could spend five days there in early 2012, but for the images and my project “Dreaming of Dubai” I got very great resonance. I love this place, with its surreal appearance. Its a very special place. I think of it very often, there are still unpublished photos, and the project is still going on. Currently I am searching for a publisher for my book.


There is no secret. If you have the passion to do great photographs of landscapes and cities you will find your way to do it.

What’s the secret to capturing great landscapes and cityscapes? There is no secret. If you have the passion to do great photographs of landscapes and cities you will find your way to do it.

What’s in your kit bag? A camera and a lens.

You recently had one of your projects recently put in the Sony World Photography awards, how does that feel? If felt really great, and I was so happy that my work about Dubai got so much attention.


What’s next for you or should we say where? There are two upcoming projects for this year – some hopefully amazing landscapes in Europe, and one big city on another continent – I dreamed about this city for a very long time … I am very excited!

If you could choose a place to shoot, anywhere in the world and at anytime, past future or present what would you choose and why? I want to photograph our planet, the earth from space. I have no idea if that will be possible during my lifetime, but I hope for it.


To see the rest of the work from this series please visit his website.