The incredibly talented Fraser Clements  wooed us with the epicness of his body of work. It left us sitting in a puddle of our own drool.  We asked Fraser to share one of his projects with us and to tell us about some of the challenges faced in producing such stonkingly beautiful shoot.

These pictures were taken for a client of mine called Mclellanjacobs - Kayak 1.

There is a really remote island off the east coast of New Zealand called Donut Island, the Accessibility to the island is by a very small gap in the rock facing out to the rough seas.

The only way in is by a really small boat. Which meant we had to time the entrance and exit perfectly as at high tide the waves almost touched the roof. What made things more difficult was all the gear we had to get in and out, as well as all my photographic equipment we had to get a generator and smoke machine in, which made the small boat really slow. The scariest part the exit after finishing up for the day, as we couldn’t see the swell coming in.

One of the tricky parts about shooting on the island was the lack of sun, which for me was fine as I just got on with things using a high iso. But the model wasn’t having much fun working as it was incredibly cold, but she soldiered on like a real pro and threw herself at the task at hand.

It was a great day especially as we ended it catching fish.