With just two weeks to go, The Quarterly Kickstarter campaign is now halfway through its 30-day funding period. To celebrate the fact we’ve raised 71% of our total goal, we’ve decided to offer a new exclusive reward to help us get over the final hurdle.

With the deadline for Issue 2 of The Quarterly fast approaching, our talented contributors are working around the clock to send us their work in time for printing.

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As a creative publication which aims to showcase as much of our contributors work as possible, it’s always difficult to filter through the hundreds of photographs we’re sent to choose which ones should be featured in the final edit of The Quarterly.

Fortunately, there is a way around this brutal selection process.

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A little while ago we stumbled across something called Portrait Salon. Launched in 2011, and devised by Carole Evans and James O Jenkins, Portrait Salon aims to show the best of the rejected entries from the annual National Portrait Gallery Photographic Portrait Prize.

We think this is a brilliant idea. So brilliant in fact, we’ve decided that instead of banishing our unused photographs to the dark recesses of a desktop folder, we’re going to offer mini prints of the unused photographs to new backers on Kickstarter.

For £15, backers will receive 6 high quality mini prints (postcard sized) of different unused photos taken by our Issue 2 contributors, a digital copy of issue 1 and 2 of The Quarterly, A advance print copy of Issue 2, and an invite to our exhibition launch night at the end of October.


This reward will only be available to the first 25 people who pledge so make sure you get one quickly. As well as saving money on the magazine, you will also be receiving 6 beautiful exclusive prints to save from the recesses of darkness and cherish forever more.

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To read more about how The Quarterly kickstarter is going, take a look at The Quarterly NEWS page or say hello on The Quarterly twitter.

To connect with the good people of Portrait Salon get in touch via their Twitter.

Spread the word.