When we first saw Roaming at night we looked upon it with awe and open mouths, marveling at how stupendously gorgeous it all was. The series by the photographer Lukas Furlan, that captures the beauty of artificial light-sources at night and filled with tiny details that raise a smile and set the scene. We got in touch with Lukas to ask him some more about the series…

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself… My name is Lukas Furlan, 23 years young and currently studying in Vienna, Austria. I come from South Tyrol, a small but beautiful region in North Italy in the middle of the Alps. I started photography a few years back – if I remember correctly i bought my first camera in the late summer ‘09.

Roaming at night is a new series of yours, one that we’ve fallen in love with, could you tell us a little bit the inspiration behind it… I’ve got a few “series” with this title. Initial I went out at night on short photography trips, just because during daytime I couldn’t find the time. But soon I started to like the mood of night-time pictures illuminated by artificial light-sources. And apart of this fascination, it was a great feeling roaming through the night. Sometimes a gloomy and quiet surrounding, some other time bright and busting. On longer trips I go out in company with some friend, but If I just need a quick break from everyday life I grab my camera and headphone perambulating the neighborhood.

How long did it take for you to put the project together? what we’re the challenges… As I’ve mentioned, I’ve got a few series with this title – each one containing the production of one, up to three different trips. It’s not always easy to find the right locations, which I think is the biggest challenge besides the time factor.

…If I just need a quick break from everyday life I grab my camera and headphone perambulating the neighborhood.

One of the things we absolutely adore about Roaming at night is the way light and colour is used to create mood and personality, how did you manage to achieve that… Of course it depends on the location and the light. Sometimes one light source is enough or even desirable, but in most cases different light sources with different colors create an awesome mood. In the post processing I give the images the final look, smooth contrasts paired with different colors.

If there is one thing you want people to take from the series, what would that be… Just as me roaming through the night, to have a little timeout / escape clearing your thought.







To see more of Lukas Furlans work, Check out his 500px portfolio