She Gods is the kind of creative piece that makes you stop, drop your jaw in awe and weep in terror at the epicness of it all. Karen McDougall and co have thrown down the gauntlet with an inspired project celebrating the She Gods of old.. one that’ll make you bow down and beg for more..

She Gods

Every woman has a Goddess within. It is through the challenging days of life and responsibility that this infinite power can be forgotten about and even lost. The Goddess is the ultimate archetype, an energy force that you can focus on with your intentions and channel. The Goddess archetype you are drawn to can represent WHO you really are and what you can UNLEASH so that you can step into your inner divinity.


The Goddess of the underworld who should not be underestimated for her power and knowledge. With her innocent guise, Hecate can seem vulnerable and sensitive, but really a fire burns deep within giving her passion and drive to make ANYTHING happen.


The Goddess of love who has been blessed with the ultimate gift of curves. Venus was once the enemy of many others because of her natural beauty and attractiveness. Even though she can draw in anyone she sets her eyes on, Venus is a deeply loving and passionate Goddess who is loveable and loving.



Known as ‘the Great Queen’ Rhiannon can transform herself into a pure white horse. An inspirational figure that is loyal to her people, Rhiannon is unpredictable and the ultimate free spirit who is ready to shine her magic like moonlight throughout the world.

Morgan le Fay

This powerful sorceress has the ability to manifest and create whatever she wants. She has the amazing ability to blend in and disguise herself before revealing her true self. The Queen of the faeries this gorgeous woman of the land can be mischievous and sassy.

Gaia is the ultimate Goddess of the earth. She represents all pure potentiality both as it flowers into the physical world and as it goes beyond embodiment. She is all that is, exists and ever will be. Her essence is divine and flows through us all. She is mother earth.


Photographer: Mark Seager @simplephotography
MUA: Kat McSwein @ Colours Agency
Hair stylist: Karen McDougall @ Colours Agency
In Collaboration with: Reg MacDonald – Sculptor
Words: Kyle Gray
Models: Sophie, Hazel, Natasha, Adriana, Olivia @ Colours Agency