BOX studio

November 3, 2013

The Quarterly Issue Two Launch Party

On a windswept, rainy cold night on the 25th of October in Shoreditch, we had a little shindig to celebrate the launch of Issue Two of The Quarterly and it was pretty fucking epic. The free beer that flowed was provided by Bondi and Brewdog. We had platters from Greggs (remarkably good value) and music that made your ears bleed (probably the reason for all the noise complaints). We’re also pretty sure we went over capacity by having 250+ people turn up at the event. Thank you all for coming out and supporting us.

Photography provided by Roo Lewis. We’d name the people in the pictures, but we have no fucking idea who half of them are.

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October 31, 2013

An analogue glimpse of The Quarterly Issue 2 Launch night

What do you get if you mix hundreds of creative folk, a 3-floor studio, 2 kittens, 6 DJ’s and a tray of cupcakes? A sugar-fuelled kitten dance-off? Well yes, but you also get The Quarterly Issue 2 launch night. 

Despite the obvious chaos of inviting hundreds of creative folk to an event with free alcohol, photographer ANTON rolled up his sleeves, battled his way through the crowds, and in typically valiant fashion bust out his cherished analogue camera to capture the action at London’s BOX studio on Impossible Project instant film.

Anton Impossible 09

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