August 14, 2013

The Quarterly Issue One

Will be keeping this little item brief.. For the last 3-4 months we’ve been working on a publication. One that gives back, rather than just takes. An ethical print publication that aims to strive for change in an industry where creatives are often exploited. Most of you will already be aware of it. But for - Read More -

July 21, 2013

Life & Culture: The Second Quarterly

Submissions are now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted a proposal. We’LL be in touch.

Submissions are now open for the next issue of the Quarterly the deadlines for ideas and concepts is August 12th 2013. If you’ve got any ideas you’d like to chat about and discuss, then feel free to do so. But the following bit of text breaks down the next theme.. for more information on what the Quarterly is and submission guidelines feel free to visit 

Life & Culture:

Culture is life and life is culture. The two are forever entwined with one another. From the way we live out our lives, the people we interact with, from your family, to your friends, your colleagues, the way you talk, who you talk to & the way you dress or choose not to dress. The beliefs we have, the beliefs impressed upon us and to the traditions we receive, carry and pass on throughout our entire lives. What is it that compels us to become part of a group, to share the same ideas and mannerisms as others do? What does it mean to belong? where do trends, friendships & communities come start and finish. What are the train of thoughts what brings people together, what pulls them apart. It’s about discovery, it’s about learning, it’s about sharing and belonging. Where does life begin and where does it end..

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