We are rather excited to announce we have just a launched a 30-day Kickstarter campaign to help fund printing costs for Issue 2 of The Quarterly.

Check out our Kickstarter campaign page here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sanjsahota/the-quarterly-issue-two-life-and-culture


Why do we need funding?

The Quarterly is a very different kind of magazine. We don’t use advertising in the magazine or on our website and we have no financial backing which we prefer because it means we can do things our way.

The whole idea behind The Quarterly is to launch a beautiful photographic publication which doesn’t exploit its contributors and provides a distraction free, high-quality platform to show off all of our contributors beautiful exclusive work. Once we cover printing costs, all profits from sales are shared equally between our contributors. No exploitation. Just actual rewards for honest hard work.

Publishing a magazine is expensive. Especially when we print on the highest quality paper stock we can find. We self-funded issue 1 and we’ll do the same with issue 2 if we have to, but if our Kickstarter is successful it means we won’t have to take out a second credit card, and more people will see The Quarterly. The more people who join us in fighting the good fight against creative exploitation, the better.

Issue 1 of The Quarterly was biblically awesome, but we want to make issue 2 even bigger and even better. We want to print more copies and increase the page count to show off more of the amazing exclusive work our contributors and volunteers work so hard to produce.

Why Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is the most successful crowd-funding platform on the internet. It works because unlike other crowd-funding websites it offers an all or nothing approach.

For issue 2 of The Quarterly we’ve given ourselves 30 days to raise £1500 funding. If we don’t reach our goal we receive NONE of the funding. People who fund our kickstarter will receive a reward for doing so, which gets bigger and better the more you donate.

Check out our campaign page to see the rewards on offer (ADD URL)

And oh, the first 15 people to fund our project £20 or more will receive a high-quality A3 print of a photo of their choosing from Issue 2 of The Quarterly. Grab them while you can.

 How you can help

Obviously, first and foremost we want you to fund our Kickstarter. For just £3 (less than a pint) you can get yourself digital copies of issue 1 and 2 of The Quarterly (Or issue 2 & 3), saving you 50% off the cover price which is ridiculously good value for over 200 pages of beautifully crafted exclusive content.

However, we do understand some of you might not have the pennies to fund our project financially but you can still take part just by simply spreading the word. The more we share the project page around, the more people see The Quarterly, and the more chance we have of making this a success.

 It’s going to be a frantic 30 days, but with everyone’s help we’re confident we can reach our goal.

 Let’s make a magazine which does things differently.

To keep up to date with how our project is going follow us @_thequarterly and keep an eye on this blog and The Quarterly News section. For future exclusive announcements about new rewards join our mailing list here.

Thanks for your support!