The Quarterly Kickstarter Campaign has now been live for 24 hours and we wanted to tell you about why we are promising to donate 5% of total funds raised to future Kickstarter projects out of our own pockets.


The success of Kickstarter is all about relying on peoples decision to invest in a good idea. The Quarterly is just one of millions of ideas seeking funding on Kickstarter and countless other crowd-funding platforms, but you can’t get a lot without giving a little.

As such, The Quarterly team have decided to add their Kickstarter project to something called Kicking It Forward ( The idea is that by showcasing our Kickstarter project on Kicking It Forward we are promising to invest 5% of our profits from issue 2 of The Quarterly back into future Kickstarter projects which we like. It’s all about Kicking It Forward.

Kicking It Forward was started by an epic human being called Brian Fargo, of InExile Entertainment. In 1988, Brian released Wasteland, a video game which would set the groundwork for generations of game makers to come. After his initial success, Brian spent the next 20 years trying to find a publisher for a sequel to Wasteland but was rejected at every turn.

Fortunately, a mere fortnight after Brian had banished the idea of a sequel, a video game called Double Fine went live on Kickstarter and exploded into success. Looking for $400,000, they surpassed their goal in just 8 hours, then $1 million in 24 hours, finally ending the campaign at $3.3 million of investment.

Brian saw their success and decided to give Kickstarter a go. Seeking the largest amount in history ever requested on Kickstarter of $1 million dollars, Brian risked it all and pledged that if he could raise $900,000 from backers, he would put forward the remaining $100,000 from his own money.

In the space of a few days, Wasteland 2 shot past the funding goal and at the time of writing this post, it sits at a cool $2,933,292.

Shortly after Brian’s remarkable success, he set up Kicking It Forward as he remembered the 20 futile years he spent trying to get someone else to see his vision and support his idea.

Now, we’re not saying we can achieve anywhere near the success Brian Fargo managed but we think his story is awesome, and his initiative to set up a fully automated website in Kicking It Forward is something worth shouting about.

To read more about Brian Fargo and Kicking It Forward have a look at this in-depth Interview HERE.

Thanks to everyone who has shared, liked, or even funded The Quarterly Kickstarter so far. Rest assured your efforts will go onto reward future Kickstarter projects for years to come.


(Update 13/09/13: Amazingly, Brian Fargo saw this blog post on Twitter and pledged £50 to our Kickstarter with no explanation. Brian, thank you so much.)