March 12, 2014


The incredibly talented Fraser Clements  wooed us with the epicness of his body of work. It left us sitting in a puddle of our own drool.  We asked Fraser to share one of his projects with us and to tell us about some of the challenges faced in producing such stonkingly beautiful shoot.

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March 10, 2014

Faces of the Floods

Faces of the Floods is a project by photographer Charlie Clift recording and documenting the efforts of the volunteer groups and services to help those in need.

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February 10, 2014

Jet Lag Melancholia

Jet Lag melancholia is a series that explores the feeling of travelling alone. This was an impromptu shoot. My friend Emma and I were in our hotel room in New York and we were discussing the feelings you experience when traveling alone.

There is always a moment when I really feel like I’m left alone in a new city. Each time it feels like i’m starting over again. New people to greet and new streets to explore.

This shoot is based on those thoughts. Capturing those moments, those nights that have passed on by as I look through the window while being confined in a room on the 19th floor.

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The district sleeps alone tonight, After the bars turn out their lights, And send the autos swerving, Into the loneliest evening , And I am finally seeing, Why I was the one worth leaving - The Postal Service

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Photographer. Gabrielle Gendron
Model. Emma-Jeanne Robitaille Des Rochers

January 27, 2014


PropDep is a series which was first originally featured in the first issue of The Quarterly. Captured by our very own Photographer Extraordinaire slash Creative Director Roo Lewis. It was a shoot that really set the tone in terms of what we’ve been striving towards with The Quarterly as a project. Amazing photography, epic concepts and though provoking context.

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January 21, 2014

The Aces of Eights

The Aces of Eights combines the talents of Nadia King, Otto Otto Volquardsen, Tabby Casto and Andrea Martinelli and mixes it with neon lights, bright lights and a shit load of sassiness.

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January 19, 2014

Roaming at night

When we first saw Roaming at night we looked upon it with awe and open mouths, marveling at how stupendously gorgeous it all was. The series by the photographer Lukas Furlan, that captures the beauty of artificial light-sources at night and filled with tiny details that raise a smile and set the scene. We got in touch with Lukas to ask him some more about the series…

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January 15, 2014


Last week we shared the work of River Roni from issue one of  The Quarterly  This week we’re sharing the epic that was Fahrenheit 451 created by the dream team that is Marc Pritchard, Charli Avery, Rosie Williams and Sven Bayerbach.

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February 25, 2014

Woods Ice and Us

Woods, ice & us is a series that the incredibly stupendous photographer Anze Osterman was kind enough to let us share on our blog. It’s a beautiful shoot, filled with layers of light, texture and movement. A shoot that takes in some incredibly breathtakingly epic scenes and molds them into something intimate and personal.

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